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Henry J. Pankey, CEO of Success Strategies NCUSA is a nationally acclaimed education consultant who is a highly respected school improvement expert, published author, motivational speaker, turn around school specialist, and success coach. The author of Standing In The Shadows Of Greatness is credited with revitalizing some of the nation's most difficult schools. The former New York City principal is the recipient of over 200 awards for his work as a principal, educator and turn around school specialist. Pankey's awards include Principal Of The Year, Administrator Of The Year, induction into the National Alliance Of Black Schools Educators' Hall Of Fame, Safe School Awards, etc. During his tenure as principal of Southern High School in Durham, the school went from low performing to exemplary status within one year. Consequently the school was the site for the Seventh Annual State Of American Education Address delivered by United States Education Secretary Richard Riley.

Henry Pankey is best known as a tough love, effective urban principal, but he began his career as a comedian, writer, impressionist and Shakespearean actor. After graduating from high school he won an undergraduate scholarship to the North Carolina School Of The Arts, then, a graduate scholarship to the University Of Maryland. Pankey has attended 10 universities. He has a total of 12 licenses in the education-administration field. He was one of the chief architects of 'Dress For Success' in New York City schools as early as 1981. Dress For Success has been duplicated across the country. 
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 Henry J. Pankey is a highly respected school improvement expert,
published author, motivational speaker, and turn-around school specialist.

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Looking for a humorous, inspirational speaker to 'Jump Start' your employees, 'Inspire' your student body or 'Motivate' your interest group? Henry J. Pankey holds the Key to your Success. For over 40 years, Mr. Pankey has utilized his incredible oratorical gift to inspire people to overcome seemingly unconquerable hardships and rise up despite their current situation. No matter the situation business, educational or personal, Mr. Pankey has a 'Word' for you.

School Improvement Strategist

Newspapers have lionized him as a no nonsense principal with principles capable of restoring pride, dignity and self-respect to the school environment without the use of additional funds. During his tenure as Principal of Southern High School in Durham, North Carolina, the school hosted U.S. Education Secretary, Richard Riley's Seventh Annual State of American Education Address 2000. The United Federation of Teachers labeled Junior High School 265 in Brooklyn as the 5th most violent school in New York but under Pankey’s leadership the school became one of the safest.

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Education Consultant

Henry Pankey is one of the most effective and respected educators in the country. Highly acclaimed Hall of Fame educator, Henry J. Pankey is a native of North Carolina and a 20 year veteran of New York City public schools. Dress for success, zero tolerance, advocacy for "at risk" children, raising test scores, reducing drop out rates, newspaper endorsements, over 200 awards and 50 speaking engagements a year have pushed him to the forefront of effective school reform.


Despite death threats, brutal criticism, character assassination, guns, knives, robberies, pit bulls, and recurring violence, Mr. Pankey, the renowned author of Standing In The Shadows Of Greatness, How to Turn Around Low-Performing Schools, The Eagle Who Thought He Was a Hip-Hop Funky Chicken, It’s Time to Stop Playing Russian Roulette With the Lives of Our Children, Fly On Sweet Angel and Angel of Prophecy is credited with motivating and mentoring some of our nation's most troubled youth and revitalizing difficult schools.

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Henry Pankey is a national motivational speaker who has a dynamic life story to share that will impact the business world, educational arena or individuals alike. His testimony chronicles his life story from a humble, impoverished beginning in Pankey Town, North Carolina to a successful nationally renowned businessman, motivational speaker and consultant. Mr. Pankey has a stellar career, numerous awards, certifications and recognitions therein. Call him TODAY!

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