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  • Motivational Speaking
  • Staff Development
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Pankey knows something about change. He has maintained order and structure even in the most chaotic of places.

Lottie Joyner- American School Board Journal

A principal on a mission.

Richard Riley- U.S. Education Secretary

He always put God first. And he knew He would lead the way. He was blessed to be able to do the things he wanted to do.

Mamie Pankey, Mother- Laurinburg Exchange

About Our Services

Patriotic Principled Leadership For Change! ...

Henry Pankey is one of the most effective and respected educators in the country. Highly acclaimed Hall of Fame educator, Henry J. Pankey is a native of North Carolina and a 20 year veteran of New York City public schools. Dress for success, zero tolerance, advocacy for "at risk" children, raising test scores, reducing drop out rates, newspaper endorsements, over 200 awards and 50 speaking engagements a year have pushed him to the forefront of effective school reform. Newspapers have lionized him as a no nonsense principal with principles capable of restoring pride, dignity and self-respect to the school environment without the use of additional funds. During his tenure as Principal of Southern High School in Durham, North Carolina, the school hosted U.S. Education Secretary, Richard Riley's Seventh Annual State of American Education Address 2000.

  • How To Create Safe And Orderly Schools Of Excellence
    Workshop content includes:
    Best Practices
    Implementation of Character Education
    Curriculum Alignment
    Standards for Effective Environment
    Safe and Orderly Environments
    Unapologetic Patriotism
    Intervention Strategies
    Zero Tolerance
    Benevolent Discipline
    Gang Awareness
    Test Taking Skill
    Enhancing School Morale
    Uniting Diverse Communities
    Laws of Success
  •  Turn Around Chronically Low Performing Schools
    Increase Test Scores
    Classroom Management
     Meet NCLB/AYP
  • Zero Tolerance for Failure
    Data Driven Instruction
    Build Captivity to Succeed
    Motivating Stake Holders
  • Reduce Drop-outs
    Relevance Relationships
    High Achieving Students
  • Gang Expert
    Violence Reduction
     Mr. Pankey has talked the talk and walked the walk!
    35 years of front-line experience..